And Shotz For Something Virtually Different

And Shotz For Something Virtually Different

May 18th and 19th, 2020 @ 8:30pm.

Welcome, Squires, to the Virtual Ministry!

After hours of restarting Zoom calls every 40 minutes, The Ministry of Silly Shotz agreed that having April Shotz be the first cancelled was not enough: it will now also be the first Shotz reforged in the bowels of the internet.

That’s right—we’re not dead yet!

For many of us, sourcing toilet paper, scrolling Netflix, and re-dialing unemployment for the 134th time is a day’s work. But we’re here to try and add a little spice into the monotony of solitude with two performances, two nights, and six original plays all specifically written for the socially distant.

Suggested Donation $10


Kristin Sgarro & Zach Eisenstat


1. There must be the line “I think there’s someone else in here”
2. There must be a case of unfortunate timing
3. There must be a silly walk

“French Class”
By Katie Rose Krueger
Director: Khalia Davis
Actors: Kat Haan*, Dan Morrison*, Lee Tyler*

By Erin Adams
Director: Meghan Grover
Actors: Caitlin Mileon, Heather Johnson

“Brave Sir Robin”
By Charlotte Lang-Bush
Director: Kristen Calgaro
Actors: Patricia Cancio, Kristin Sgarro, Rudi Utter*

“Carolina In The Morning”
By Bara Swain
Director: Christian Haines
Actors: Melissa Ortiz*, Lori Vega*

“Thin-Sliced Crust”
By Justin Yorio
Director: Leigh Williams
Actors: Megan Chacalos, Sarah Nedwek*

“Identity Theft”
By Zach Eisenstat
Director: Lynn R. Guerra
Actors: Jeffrey Grover*, Christina Liang*, Galen Murphy-Hoffman*

Rated PG-13-ish for some saucy language and other utter malarky.

*Actors appearing courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association