Connect the Shotz

Connect the Shotz

Monday April 6th, 7pm & 8:30pm

Connect the Shotz

See what happens when two playwrights come together to write one 7-minute play!

This month’s conditions are:
1. Each playwright will write the first half of one play, and the second half of another.
2. Two or more characters must perform an activity that is impossible for one character alone.
3. The line: “We’re in this together.”

A play by Kerry Kastin & David Haan
Directed by Zac Hoogendyk
Starring Anika Solveig*, Sarah Kinsey*, Gianmarco Soresi, & Michael Kane

A play by David Haan & Liz Thaler
Directed by Nina Fry
Starring Sarah Nedwek*, Desiree Maumus*, & Simoné Bart

A play by Liz Thaler & Sam Hicks
Directed by Richard Aven
Starring John Clarence Stewart*, Melissa Wolff*, W. Tré Davis*, & Sage Seals

A play by Sam Hicks & Leigh Williams
Directed by Matt Weiss
Starring Justin Yorio*, Alia Guidry, & Fernando Gonzalez

A play by Leigh Williams & David Rosen
Directed by Khris Lewin
Starring Richard Thieriot* & Franny Civitano

A play by David Rosen & Kerry Kastin
Directed by Natalie Hegg
Starring Moses Villarama*, Mandi Masden*, & Jessy Knudsen

*Actors appearing courtesy of Actors Equity Association