First Draughts: Volume II

First Draughts - Volume II

First Draughts

Volume II

First Draughts returns for season two!
Mark your calendars! Mondays in April and May at the Daryl Roth Theater, D-Lounge at 101 E. 15th St.

First Draughts is a developmental reading series dedicated to
expanding former SHOTZ! pieces into full-length plays over the course of a six-month development process.

April 17

Fartlek, or der Froschmauskrieg

by David Haan
directed by Liz Thaler

Fartlek is an epic, hilarious tale of Canadian teenagers obsessed with a made-up sport called Knattleikr. As play unfolds, wills are tested, coalitions are formed, noses are broken, and we question what it means to grow up and make peace with ourselves, and each other.

Featuring Erin Mallon*, Christina Liang*, Steve Jones*, David Jenkins, Anjili Pal, Zachary Eisenstat*, Amanda Dolan*, Natalie Hegg*, Dillon Heape*, Sarah Nedwek*, Kelly Chick, and Arika Larson.

April 24

Deliver: Letters to the Motherland from a Foreign Body

by Liz Morgan
directed by Lauren Miller

This poetic homage to immigrants that focuses on three characters who all find themselves feeling unsafe in the place they call home: A young black doctor practicing medicine in rural America; her patient, a pregnant woman with a dark past; and a mysterious foreign body who must journey to a new world.

Featuring: Katie Rose Krueger*, Erin Roché*, Kia Sayyadi, Chris Raddatz, Therese Anderberg

May 8

This Is Where You Are, Part I: I Never Said Hello So I’ll Say Goodbye

by Justin Robert Yorio
directed by Jenna Meade Panther

Featuring: Leigh Williams*, Natalie Lebert*, Lauren Hart*, John Pieza*, Rob Karma Robinson*, Marvin Scott III, Winslow Corbett*, Zach Evenson, Philip Estrera*, Carmen Borla, Matt Weiss*, Stephanie Cozart, Khris Lewin*, Becky Baumwoll, Bethany Nicole Taylor, and Ben Charles*
stage directions Seth McNeill

May 22

Serendipity: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and
Love the Quincunx

by David H Rosen
directed by Richard Aven

Serendipity follows two friends as they flutter through cold winters, migration, loss, love and triumph. Throughout their shared journey, they diverge, forge new worlds, and reunite to examine the intended and unintended impacts of the choices they’ve made. But as those consequences close in on them, will they both still be able to fly?

Featuring: Liz Morgan*, Emily Kitchens*, Jacqui Jarrold*, Richard Thieriot*, and Tom Coiner*

*Actors appearing courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association

Photos from Fartlek, or der Froschmäusekreig

Photos from Deliver: Letters to the Motherland from a Foreign Body

Photos from This Is Where You Are (a play in 3 parts and 3 stories), Part 1: I Never Said Hello So I’ll Say Goodbye