Green Eggs and Shotz

Green Eggs and ShotzMonday September 3rd, 2012, 7pm & 8:30pm

Green Eggs and Shotz


The Conditions:

1. Inspiration from the work of Dr. Seuss
2. Text from Dr. Seuss
3. Something must snap


The Truffle Kerfuffle
by Jamie Menzie
Directed by Matt Bradley
Featuring Emily Kitchens*, Rob Hille*, and Logan Ford

by Vichet Chum
Directed by Liz Thaler
Featuring Lauren Berst* and Kristy Powers

Prayer Without Legs
by Justin Yorio
Directed by Paul Kite
Featuring Michael Mallard* and Richard Thieriot*

The You-Maker
by Nick Abeel
Directed by Zac Hoogendyk
Featuring David Jenkins, Sarah Connolly, and Marisol Miller-Wave

Paging Dr. Seuss
by David H Rosen
Directed by Richard Aven
Featuring Brendan Titley* and Shauna Miles*

*These actors are performing courtesy of Actor’s Equity