I Know What You Did Last Shotz

I Know What You Did Last Shotz (May 2017)

Monday May 1st, 7pm & 8:30pm

I Know What You Did Last Shotz

**(Please note: tickets will be $15 at the door, so buy early!)**

Each play must meet the following conditions:

1. There must be a cover-up
2. A character must flee.
3. The line: “What could go wrong?”

Featuring six original short plays created by:

Mat Smart
Directed by Joe Ward
Featuring Bruce McKenzie*, Lori Vega*

Lizzie Vieh
Directed by Peryn Schmitt
Featuring Mikey Rosenbaum, Natalie Hegg*, Robert Robinson*

Emily Kitchens
Directed by Becky Baumwoll
Featuring J.C. Ernst*, Jacqui Jarrold*, Christina Liang*

Arika Larson
Directed by Robert A. K. Gonyo
Featuring Amy Berryman*, Clint Boylan, Paul Cosentino*, Zac Jaffee, Giverny Petitmermet, Kia Sayyadi

Tom Picasso
Directed by Mario Gonzales
Featuring Michael Kane, Jessy Knudsen, Richard Thieriot*

Amy Gijsbers van Wijk
Directed by David H Rosen
Featuring Mor Cohen, Justin Garascia, Cassandra Paras, Melissa Wolff*

*Actors appearing courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association

Photo Credit: Ashley Grombol