Amios is a cooperative whose mission is to build community through art by constantly generating work that responds in real time to the world we inhabit.


In July 2009 we made some art in a bar. In 2009-10 we made art in a living room. We then spent 10 years making art in theaters, only to come back to … everyone’s living room. Art is among the things that keep us going in times of crisis. Part of our mission is responding in real-time to events that are shaping our society, and we would be remiss if we ceased to create during this time of collective reckoning and reflection. 

We understand that we are in the midst of a collective transformation, and seek to both to bear witness to the past and present, and also to present a vision for an equitable and compassionate future.

Over the last decade, AMiOS has worked with over 500 artists (link to core database?) to create 600 short and 20 full-length (ibid.?) plays.

We are currently curating our 11th season of SHOTZ!, our 4th Volume of First Draughts, and raising money for Fartlek, or der Froschmäusekrieg, our next mainstage production.