“Shotz Trek: The Next Generation” Early Show (3/9/20 @ 7:00pm)


Kraine Theater
85 E. 4th Street, 10003

This month’s conditions: 
1. The line: “To boldly go where no [blank] has gone before.”
2. Someone must be transported.
3. Technology must create a moral dilemma

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Kendra Augustin, Mat Smart, Charlotte Lang-Bush, lim, Lizzie Vieh, Michael Sadler

Becky Abramowitz, Joseph Fusco, Caitlin Davies, Megan Grover, Erin Adams, Justin Yorio

Michael Propster*, Matt Biagini*, Justin Gillman*, Brian Muldoon, Veronica Cooper, Walls Trimble, Kat Haan*, Tierney Nolen, Kristina Latour*, Aaron Fouhey*, Giverny Petitmermet, Anjili Pal, Zachary Eisenstat*, Patricia Cancio, Kirsten Dwyer

Graphics: Jenny Grace Makholm
Literary Manager: Lizzie Vieh
Produced by: Michael Sadler & Lizzie Vieh

*Actors appearing courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association