“The Office Shotz” Late Show (2/3/19 @ 8:30pm)


Kraine Theater
85 E. 4th Street, 10003

This month’s conditions: 
1. At least one character must do a ‘take’ to the audience.
2. There must be a meeting.
3. The line, “That’s what she said.”

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>> The Plays:

Group 1
By: Lizzie Vieh
Director: Caterina Nonis
feat. Brian Muldoon, Erika Grob*, Ben Dworken, Sarah Kinsey*

Group 2
By: Rafael Jordan
Director: David Gill
feat. Todd Butera*, Christina Liang*, Kat Haan*, Jordan Sison

Group 3
By: Isabel Monk Cade
Director: Joy Donze
feat. Arya Kashyap, Galen Murphy-Hoffman*, Lee Tyler*

Group 4
By: John Peña Griswold
Director: Georgia Warner
feat. Jennifer Downes, Amanda Barron*

Group 5
By: Lynn R Guerra
Director: Giverny Petitmermet
feat. Carla Briscoe*, Heather Johnson, Michael Propster*

Group 6
By: Claire Zajdel
Director: David Rosen
feat. Kendra Augustin, Megan Chacalos, Molly Carroll

Graphics: Jenny Grace Makholm
Literary Manager: Victoria Teague
Produced by: Jennifer Downes + John Peña Griswold

*Actors appearing courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association