Romancing the Shotz

Romancing the ShotzMonday July 2nd, 2012, 7pm & 8:30pm

Romancing the Shotz




Guest Group
The Mad Ones

Group 2
A play by Joseph Yeargain
Directed by David H Rosen
Featuring Justin Yorio* , Heather Nicolson, and Leigh Williams*

Group 3
A play by Khris Lewin
Directed by Kristin McCarthy Parker
Featuring Logan Ford, Ava Mihaljevic, David Jenkins, and Patrick Goss

Group 4
A play by Zoe Farmingdale
Directed by Paul Kite
Featuring Annie Paul, Nick Abeel, and Ben Charles

Group 5
A play by Lindsay Joy Murphy
Directed by Tom Coiner
Featuring Rob Hille*, Julia Hirsch, and Vichet Chum

*These actors are performing courtesy of Actor’s Equity