SHOTZ Local 100

SHOTZ Local 100

Presented on Non-Consecutive Evenings by Grover Cleveland.

Half a score years ago, on July 7th, 2009, AMiOS’ founders—a group of alums from the National Theater Conservatory in Denver, CO, brought forth (in a bar on 53rd St.) some short plays they’d written for each other, and called it SHOTZ! The next month they performed in downtown loft. Eventually a theater. And now, 10 years later (!), AMiOS (Art and Music in Our Souls) is still putting up 6 new short plays on the first Monday of (almost) every month.

But to celebrate our 100th SHOTZ! of all-time, we’re making it 9!

This Month’s Conditions!
1. There must be a strike.
2. Someone must make a binding agreement.
3. The line: “[I / you / we] have to get organized.”

Shotz 100 Writers:
Lizzie Vieh
Kate MacCluggage
David Haan
Jenny Grace Makholm
Arika Larson
Kathleen Wallace
Kendra Augustin
Claire Zajdel
Jamie Menzies

Shotz 100 Directors:
Seth McNeill
Rob Hille
Eli Thacker Taylor
Zachary Eisenstat
Peryn Schmitt
Liz Thaler
Mario Gonzales
Blaire Hillman
David H Rosen

Shotz 100 Actors!
Michael Propster*, Lori Vega*, Kira Davies, Caitlin Mileon, Zac Hoogendyk*, Sarah Nedwek*, Kim Kraine*, Kat Haan*, Rob Hille*, Lauren Hart*, Kristy Powers*, Ben Dworken, Meghan Grover, Christina Liang*, Leigh Williams*, Caitlin Diana Doyle*, Lee Tyler*, Richard Weber, lim, Paten Hughes*, Franny Civitano, Becky Baumwoll, Khalia Davis*, Miss Sandra Mhlongo, Michael Hammond*, Kristin Sgarro, Laura Peterson, Katie Rose Krueger*, Galen Murphy-Hoffman*, Rafael Jordan*, Rudi Utter*, Nicole Gut*

(and a host of special guests!)

Literary Manager: Michael Sadler
Image Design: Phil Estrera and Jenny Grace

*Actors appearing courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association

Shotz has been called, “the perfect place to take a date in New York.” If you’re over 21, there’s a bar at the theater, and if you want to stick around after the second show to meet the cast and artistic team, join us at the Shotz Afterparty at the Gray Mare (61 2nd Avenue), our 2017-18 season sponsor. Present your Shotz program and get 10% off your bill!