Shotz of Thrones!

Shotz of Thrones!

Monday November 4th, 7pm & 8:30pm

Shotz of Thrones!

This month’s #Shotz is inspired by Game of Thrones. There’ll be be dragons and sword fights and British accents and topless people – all the reasons you watch Game of Thrones, but better!

Monday, November 4th at 8:30**
Kraine Theater 85 East 4th Street between 2nd & Bowery
$10 ticket includes a tall boy!

This month each play must include:

1. The line: “I literally cannot do this without you”
2. A character crossing over
3. Dragon(s)

Co-Writer/Director Nick Abeel/Kristin Parker
Actors: , Annie Worden* , Amy Kersten*, Paul Purvine

Written by Lindsay Joy
Directed by Lauren Miller
Actors: Kathleen Wallace*, Lauren Berst*, Matthew Weiss

Written by Dan Loeser
Directed by Sam Hicks
Actors: Michael J. Fulvio*, Jessy Knudsen, Michael Kane

Written by David L. Williams
Directed by Paul Cosentino
Actors: Michael Grew*, Kerry Kastin*, Aaron Ballard

Written by Liz Thaler
Directed by Richard Aven
Actors: Maxon Davis*, Kia Sayyadi, Emily Kitchens*

Written by Richard Thieriot
Directed by Franny Civitano
Actors: Zac Jaffee*, Jenna Panther*

*Actors appearing courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association
**Only one show this time, at 8:30!