SHOTZ Talks, Vol. I


Vol. I

On March 11th, 2019, we kicked off the SHOTZ! Talks series with an evening of ten 7-minute talks from members of the AMiOS community on subjects about which they’re passionate. The lineup of speakers included:

:: Kaliswa Brewster (Kali Brewster): How Not To Let Social Media Drag Your Soul Into The Sunken Place
:: Benny D (Ben Dworken): Autism and the Art of Creative Thinking
:: Meridith Crosley Grundei: F*ck Conventional Wisdom, a guide to giving two shits about what people think
:: Charlotte Lang-Bush (Charlotte Varlet): Buried in the Bones
:: Miss Sandra Mhlongo: Life: Ups, Downs and Upside Downs
:: Haas Regen: How to Appreciate Opera
:: Max & Natalie LIVE (Max Reinhardsen and Natalie Rich): An Dissertation on SpaceX from Two of Elon Musk’s Children
:: Kyle Sallee: Better Know a NYC Utility: Water Edition The History and Journey of What Comes Out of Your Faucet
:: Sarah Alice Shull: How Misogyny Lost Me a Bourbon Empire
(The story of my family’s Bourbon Empire, How We Lost It, and How We Got It Back)
:: Diane Davis Steiker: Motherhood as an Artist