Shotz: Unity

Shotz: Unity (December 2015)

Monday December 7th, 7pm & 8:30pm

Shotz: Unity

Please join us as we close out our 2015 season with Shotz: Unity.

Monday, December 7th
7:00pm | 8:30pm
85 East 4th Street, NY, NY

The Unifying Conditions:

1. All plays must adhere to the Aristotelian unties of action, time, and place.
2. In mathematics, unity refers to the number one. All plays must have one and only one set piece, costume per person, internal sound cue (outside transitions), internal light cue (other than lights up/down), and prop.
3. All plays must include the line, “Give me your hand.”


A play by Michael Sadler
Directed by Kerry Kastin
Featuring Jessy Knudsen and Michael Propster*

A play by Lizzie Vieh
Directed by Liz Thaler
Featuring Caitlin Johnston*, Khris Lewin*, and Brittany McDonald

A play by Steve Monroe
Directed by Christopher Halladay
Featuring Sarah Kinsey* and Sarah Nedwek*

A play by Karen Rind-Siegel
Directed by Claire Brownell
Featuring Natalie Hegg* and Emily Kitchens*

A play by David Jenkins
Directed by Matthew Weiss
Featuring Rob Hille*, Galen-Murphy Hoffman*, Marshall Spann*, and Annie Worden*

A play by P. Seth Bauer
Directed by Richard Aven
Featuring Steve Jones* and Alex Major*

*Actors appearing courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association

Producer: Justin Robert Yorio
Literary Manager: Robert Gonyo
Light Board: Bethany Nicole Taylor
Sound Board: Kia Sayyadi
Graphic Design: Franny Civitano