The NYCycle Vol 4: “Secondary Sources”

The NYCycle Vol 4: "Secondary Sources"

The NYCycle Vol 4:

“Secondary Sources”

Over the course of a year (2010-11), Amios commissioned twelve one-act plays as a part of its NYCycle, an ambitious seasonal presentation of new work by some of downtown’s hottest theater artists.

We gave themes to three playwrights who must include those themes in new 30-minute plays about the present day. They had one month to write. We then rehearsed for three weeks, mounted the shows and performed them for three weeks.

vol. 4: march/april/may:

“Secondary Sources”

Plays by:
Dan Loeser, Steven Cole Hughes and John Behlmann

May & June 2011 @ The Monkey.

Featuring the talents of:

January LaVoy, John Pieza, Kate MacCluggage

Jenna Panther, Lauren Berst*, Michael J. Fulvio*, Jillian LaVinka, Rob Hille*, Justin Yorio*, Joshua Coomer*, Christian Haines*, Melissa Ortiz*

*Actors appearing courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association

Art: TED Otting