The Shotz Guide to Survival

The Shotz Guide to Survival

Monday May 4th, 7pm & 8:30pm

The Shotz Guide to Survival

We selected six groups for their bravery, gumption and their supreme talent. Participating in this month’s #Shotz may be perilous, but we’re all up for the challenge.

Each play this month must include the same three criteria:
1. The Line – “Don’t worry I’ve been doing this for years.”
2. A character or characters must face an absurdly perilous situation.
3. Someone laughs aloud.

The show will run approximately 45 minutes.
$12 ticket includes a beer.
Two shows: 7:00 and 8:30pm

The Dangerous Groups:

Group 1 – “Devised Piece”
Jenna Panther*
Michael Fulvio*
Logan Ford
Lauren Berst*
Meghan Hoffman*
Franny Civitano

Group 2
Writer: Jamie Menzies
Director: Ivey Lowe
Actor: Justin Yorio*

Group 3
Writer: Monet Hurst-Mendoza
Director: Paul Cosentino
Actors: Leigh Williams*, Dante Sully, Britannie Bond*

Group 4
Writer: David Jenkins
Director: Eva Gil
Actor: Alia Guidry, Ashley Grombol

Group 5
Writer: Michael Sadler
Director: Anika Pensiero
Actors: Christopher Halladay*, Natalie Hegg*, Gianna Alessi*

Group 6
Writer: Kia Sayyadi
Director: Eliza Simpson
Actors: Sam Hicks, Michael Kane, Michael Propster*, Ashley Marie Ortiz

*These actors appearing courtesy of Actors Equity Association