The Shotz Is The Message

The Shotz Is The Message

Monday June 1st, 7pm & 8:30pm

The Shotz Is The Message

This Month’s Conditions:
1. Someone attempts to sell something in a sneaky way
2. The line, “But wait there’s more.”
3. Someone must give a demonstration.

The show will run approximately 45 minutes.
$12 ticket includes a beer.
Two shows: 7:00 and 8:30pm

Group 1
Writer: Zac Hoogendyk
Director: Rob Hille
Cast: Fulvio, Robert Reynolds, Logan Ford

Group 2
Writer: Grace Connolly
Director: Franny Civitano
Cast: Alex Major, Liz Morgan, Bethany Nicole Taylor

Group 3
Writer: Marc Wilson
Director: Liz Thaler
Cast: David Jenkins, Zac Jaffee

Group 4
Writer: Vichet Chum
Director: Kerry Kastin
Cast: Emily Kitchens

Group 5
Writer: Justin Yorio
Director: Nina Fry
Cast: Leigh Williams

Group 6
Writer: Conor O’Brien
Director: Christopher Halladay
Cast: Zach Evenson, Lauren Berst

Lit Manager: David Haan

Produced by Franny Civitano and Logan Ford