They’re Playing Our Shotz

They're Playing Our Shotz

Monday February 2nd, 7pm & 8:30pm

They’re Playing Our Shotz

The latest installment of Amios’ monthly short-play festival, with special guests Broken Box Mime Theater!

This month’s conditions are:

1. Each play must be inspired by a song
2. Each play must include choreographed dancing
3. Each play must include the line, “Listen to this.”

TheĀ Groups:

Clair de Lune
Written and Developed by Broken Box Mime Theater
with Becky Baumwoll, David Jenkins, Marissa Molnar*, and Matt Zambrano*

Written by Erin Mallon
Directed by Richard C. Aven
with Natalie Rich, Richard Thieriot*, Alice Rose Turner, Justin Yorio*

On My Own
Written by Allyson Morgan
Directed by Eva Gil
with Sam Hicks, Meghan Hoffman*, Sarah Nedwek

Gangster Paradise
Written by Kerry McGuire
Directed by Kaleigh Malloy
with Lauren Berst*, Michael Grew*, Moses Villarama*

Alpha Binomial
Written by David H Rosen
Directed by Nina Fry
with Rob Hille*, Kristy Powers

Written by Kia Sayyadi
Directed by John Wright
with Fulvio*, Becca McLarty*, Michael Propster*

*Actors appearing courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association